Artificial Intelligence and Medicine

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer to identify patterns in significant amounts of information and make judgements accordingly. Advances in AI technology have allowed algorithms to make judgments or decisions in a manner that appears human. As the ability to mimic humans advances, large amounts of data become available, computers become faster, and as new AI techniques have come forward, artificial intelligence is beginning to surge in many fields, including medicine.  These AI techniques offer a lot of promise, but also some potential pitfalls. All were discussed by Dr. Peter Foltz and Dr. Matt DeCamp at a recent session at the Brain Health Center of the Rockies.   

Topics covered in the session included current uses of medical AI as well as benefits such as tracking data over time and using data that humans might overlook.  Freeing humans up to do less “busywork” and spend more time on uniquely human abilities like interacting with patients was another potential benefit. The need for interpretability, awareness of possible bias, and ongoing respect for trust and privacy were also highlighted. To hear more, you can listen to a recording here: