INCLUDE Collaboration

The CSAND (Communication and Speech Analysis in Neurocognitive Disorders) Lab is happy to join the INCLUDE network, an international collaboration of researchers on speech and language.

The goal of this multinational partnership is to create AI-based speech analysis tools that can help people with neurocognitive illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease.

The professionals involved come from a variety of disciplines, including linguistics, neuroscience, computer science, and psychology.

Lack of standardization across diverse cultures and languages is a major obstacle in designing speech analytic tools for people suffering from neurocognitive impairments.

Neurocognitive disorders can impact people from all walks of life, and so language, dialects, accents, and cultural variables matter.

For example, in some languages tone is primarily used for emotional reasons, and in some languages, tone is also used to convey literal meaning to a word– how do tests of communication take this difference into consideration?

Diagnostic tools developed by the INCLUDE collaboration will be designed to help people across the world.

The CSAND lab is excited to contribute to this global endeavor.

To learn more about the Include network, please visit: